Law Proclamation

Legal Proclamation and Privacy Policy

Legal Proclamation

Chinabidders reminds you: before you use Chinabidders platform, please read this proclamation carefully and thoroughly understand it. You may choose not to use this platform, however if you choose to use Chinabidders platform, you may be considered that you have accepted all the contents of this proclamation. “Chinabidders Platform” is a website - based service platform run by Chinabidders Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. Its domain name is as well as other domain names initiated by Chinabidders.

Chinabidders provides free service. Part of information from Chinabidders are from internet. Members of this platform and the project information disclosed by them (including but not limit to company name, contact person, contact information, project description, the related pictures, and videos) and the service information are all provided by Chinabidders members. Chinabidders members will assume all the responsibilities for any or all the information provided by them including authenticity and legitimacy.

Any person or any party considers that any information of Chinabidders website (including but not limit to commodities information disclosed by Chinabidders members) encroaches their legal rights and interests. The person or party should inform Chinabidders in written and provide ID, organizational proof, URL, and evidence of encroachment to Chinabidders. After Chinabidders receives above legal documents, Chinabidders will remove the relevant contents involved in encroachment(based on the decisions by verification of provided evidences in a rationale time).

The purpose for Chinabidders to republish the works (including contents of the forum) is to deliver more information, however it does not mean that Chinabidders website (including Chinabidders member enterprises) agrees its points of view or confirm the authenticity of the contents. Chinabidders respects its legitimate copyright and fights against any piracy and encroachment. If any word or any photograph of this website violates your rights or interests, please inform us immediately through Chinabidders contacts. We will react over it immediately.

Copyright Proclamation

Chinabidders possesses the copyrights of information contents of including the project information or service information disclosed by Chinabidders members, including but not limit to the words, pictures, software, and videos disclosed)

Any browses, copies, prints or transmissions of Chinabidders contents can not be used for commercial purpose. Besides it, any information quoted or any application must include the promulgation of this copyrights.

All the products, technologies, or programs of Chinabidders platform are the intellectual property right of Chinabidder website. “Chinabidders” and other products name of Chinabidders as well as its related pictures and signs are the registered trademark of Chinabidders Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. Without permits of the company, any person can not use(including but not limit to copy, transmit, display, upload or download by illegal way. Otherwise, Chinabidders Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd will pursue the legal actions in accordance with legal responsibilities.

Privacy Policy

Chinabidders respects and protects the users’privacy of Chinabidders platform. In order to serve for you accurately and tailor for you, Chinabidders will disclose your private information in accordance with this privacy policy. Chinabidders will diligently and cautiously use these information. Except for other stipulations for these privacy policies, without your permits, Chinabidders will not disclose these information to the third party. Chinabidders will update this privacy policies regularly. When you agree the service agreements of Chinabidders, you are considered that you have agreed all the contents of the privacy policies. These privacy policies are indispensable part of Chinabidders service agreements.

1.Applicable Range

A)When you register or activate the account of Chinabidders platform, the personal information registered by you on Chinabidders platform or Chinabidders Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd (not including the enterprises name, the business registration information, or natural person information which need to be disclosed in accordance with the law or regulations).

B)When you use Chinabidders platform or you visit webpages of Chinabidders, Chinabidders will automatically receive or record the information from your navigators or computer, including but not limit to your IP address, navigator type, the language used, visiting date and time, software and hardware featured information, and the records for you to demand the website. When you download, use Chinabidders, use mobile customer software related to Chinabidders, or visit mobile website for using Chinabidders service platform, Chinabidders may identify your information related to your locality or mobile equipment, including but not limit to equipment model, equipment identification code, operational system,resolution, or telecommunication operators.

Chinabidders obtains users data from business partners by legal ways.

1)You understand or agree that the following information are not applicable for these privacy policies.

1)The keywords you input when you use Chinabidders search service functions.

2)When you choose “anonymous procurement” and/or “anonymous evaluation” functions, Chinabidders gets your data related to transaction in Chinabidders website, including but not limit to price quotation, transaction information, or evaluation information.

3) Credibility Evaluation, illegal activities, violation of Chinabidders rules, and the measures imposed to you by Chinabidders.

2.Information Utilization

A)Chinabidders will not provide or share your personal information to the third party (not including Chinabidders related companies) except for getting your permission in advance or this third party and Chinabidders (including Chinabidders related companies) provide service for you alone or together. When the service is over, the data which were available before are prohibited to visit.

B)Chinabidders does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or transmit your personal information through the Chinabidders with any methods. If any Chinabidders user is engaged in the above mentioned activities, Chinabidders has the rights to terminate the service agreement with this user immediately once found.

C)In order to serve the clients, Chinabidders or its related companies may provide you the information that you might interest by referring to your personal information, including but not limiting to send you products and services information. Chinabidders may provide you the featured third - party promotional information through the system or share the information with Chinabidders’cooperating partners so that they can send the products and services information to you(the later needs to get your agree in advance).

D)Chinabidders may use your personal information to prevent, investigate, or find the activities related to frauds and safety threats or activities related to violate agreements, policies or codes in regard to Chinabidders or its related companies, so as to protect the legal interests of you,Chinabidders users, or related companies.

2.Information Disclosure

Under the following cases, Chinabidders will disclose your part or entire information in accordance with your wills or laws & regulations.

A)With your agreement, disclose to the third party.

B) If you are accusers for relevant intellectual property rights and have been accused, in accordance with requirements from the defendant, information will be disclosed to the defendant so that both parties can handle the disputes.

C)In accordance with the law or regulations or in accordance with administrative or juridical organizations, information will be disclosed to third party or administrative or juridical organizations.

D)If you violate the law or regulations of china or the relevant agreement or rules of Chinabidders, you need to disclose to the third party.

E)The product or service provided for you, you need to share your personal information with the third party.

F) If any transaction is occurred to Chinabidders platform, any party has implemented their part or entire transaction obligations and requested to disclose the information in regard to the transaction, Chinabidders has the rights to provide contacts and other information of another party to this party, so as to promote the completion of transaction or solve the disputes.

G)Other information that Chinabidders may consider that it can be disclosed in accordance with the law, regulations or Chinabidders website policies.

4.Information storage and exchange

Chinabidders will collect your information & data and store it in the servers of Chinabidders’ or the related companies, these information or data may possibly be transmitted to the countries or regions you belong to or outside the border of the regions where Chinabidders collect information and data, these information or data may be visited, stored or displayed outside of the border.

5.Cookie Utilization

A)Under the case that you don’t refuse to accept the cookies, Chinabidders may set up or take your cookies from your computer, so that you may log in or use Chinabidders platform service or its functions based on cookies. If Chinabidders can use cookies, Chinabidders may serve for you with our featured service, including the promotion.

B)You have rights to accept or refuse cookies. You may refuse to accept the cookies by modifying the navigator configurations, however if you choose to refuse accepting the cookies, you may not login in or use Chinabidders service platform or its functions based on cookies.

C)The information obtained by cookies of Chinabidders may be applicable by these policies.

6.Information Safety

A)Your account has safety protection function, please manage your account and password well. Chinabidders will copy your passwords to other servers and encrypt the user passwords and adopt other safety measures so that your information will not be lost, stolen or changed. Although the above mentioned safety measures, please note that there is no complete safety measures on the internet.

B)When you use Chinabidders service platform to transact, you can not avoid to disclose your personal information to another transaction partner or potential transaction partner such as contact way or postal address. Please safeguard your personal information. Only when you have to disclose information to others, you may disclose. If you find that your personal information has been leaked, especially the leakage of your account information or passwords, please contact Chinabidders Customer Service, so as to adopt the relevant measures to protect your personal information.

7.Juveniles Note

If you have no the entire civil behavior capability or you are not the natural person who can have the entire civil behavior capability, you have no rights to use Chinabidders service platform, therefore Chinabidders hopes that you do not provide us your personal information.

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