Chinabidders was found in 2016, which is the first in China to establish one - stop service platform for multinational projects. Chinabidders is also a leading full - cycle service provider for multinational projects in China.

Chinabidders works hard for a good vision of “Make It Easy for Chinese Enterprises to Participate Global Projects; Make it Easy For Global Projects to Benefit From Chinese Power”. Chinabidders proactively responds to “Initiative of One Belt and One Road” and “Proclamation of Creating a Community of Shared Future for Mankind” by effectively connecting between China’s advantageous resources & technologies and industrial demands of varied countries, so as to strengthen global industrial chain cooperation and provide free multinational projects service for Chinabidders members. By this way, China’s enterprises can get help to go abroad and stride for the first step for Chinese enterprises’ globalization.

By several years’ development, our team is expanding and our partners have been all over the world. Our achievements have attracted the attentions from the people of different circles including China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, The China Association For Promoting UN Procurement, UNDP International Center on Small Hydro Power(ICSHP), Embassies of different countries, and different civil organizations. By cooperating with Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing, Chinabidders successfully held 2018 China - Pakistan Projects Fair and provided China’s resolutions to many sectors of Pakistan including water affairs, environmental protection, and urban development.

By constantly expanding foreign market, Chinabidders has provided a set of resolutions for Chinese participants of engineering projects and procurement projects, meanwhile Chinabidders also identified many project needs for foreign owners from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Saudi Arab, The United Arab Emirates, and Jordan. Integrating between China’s engineering design and plan, project implementation, and equipment manufacturing resources and foreign demands, Chinabidders is promoting China’s products, technologies, talents, capitals, standards, and modes to the world. This is where the value of Chinabidders.

“Make it easy to do projects anywhere” is a great mission of Chinabidders. We are building an ecosystem for global projects operation by linking all the participants of multinational projects supply chain. We thoroughly understand that this is a arduous work that nobody did before. Chinabidders development will affect and change the way of multinational project operation. Global market can further learn China, understand China, and accept China. Make it easy for China’s enterprises “going abroad”.


  • Mission

    Make it easy to do projects anywhere

  • Vision

    Make it easy for Chinese enterprises to participate global projects

    Make it easy for global projects to benefit from Chinese power

    Make it easy for enterprises happy, beloved, and ever green

  • Value

    Focus on application and integrate the innovation

    Create wonders and make win - win cooperation


  • 25-45 Years old

  • Undergraduate and master

  • Industry experts

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